目前市售車用燈具,開啟遠燈時近燈會熄滅。且遠燈為集束光線,與近燈廣角照射的特性不同。如此易造成駕駛行車時,近端視線不良(路面坑洞、積水油漬  無法察覺)導致行車危險。 




LEDMotor Vehicle Headlight Lamps


Avariety of LED headlights are currently available for use in vehicles. However,optical distribution expertise was not utilized in altering their design from ahalogen bulb structure to an LED structure, which led these lights to fail to meetgoverning regulations as well as the requirements of the original carmakers. Onthe contrary ADI Optics, has developed b-beam lamps whose spatial distributionmeet regulatory requirements regardless of the light fixture they are used in.  

With its unconventional lightsource designs, ADI Optics’ patented LED motor vehicle headlight lamps complywith optical and thermal dissipation requirements as well as structural andregulatory ones. Its product structure combines high and low beams into oneoptical design and adheres to ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) regulations.The low beams remain on and bright when the driver turns on the high beams,while the center of the low beams compensates emittance for brightness to avoiddriving hazards due to poor road lighting. Good automobile lighting ensurespeace of mind for road users when they drive. Bright and glare-free headlightswhose spatial distribution satisfies regulatory requirements provide optimalvisibility conditions and prevent road accidents. 

With its focus on LED headlightdesign, development, and manufacturing in the age of green energy, ADI Opticsis committed to providing the best possible solutions to clients, cuttingenergy consumption and leveraging Taiwan’s resource supply chains to promote itsproducts in international markets.